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Into The Sun 48 Willys Restomod

Lil Red CJ5 – Homeward Bound

Kerrie Runde arrived today and saw her Jeep in person for the first time. After we walked her and Chris Horak through all the details and showed off all of our hard work, Kerrie and I went for a drive around the block. She totally got it right away; like she’s owned it for years. Then… the big moment arrived. We watched her and Chris drive it away. What an amazing experience. Kerrie contacted me in June and asked if I could find a CJ5, buy it and restore it and have it ready for when they moved from Ohio to Idaho in October. So, we did just that. Today was the big day! I’m super proud of my guys. Together, we restored and customized another beautiful CJ5 and made dozens of important upgrades to make it the best it could be, while keeping that classic Jeep look and feel. It makes us so happy to know that we were able to make another dream come true. We love what we do.

Lil Red CJ5 — Final Touches